About us

At Easy Airport Parking, we know that with the pressure of getting to your flight on time, you like airport parking to be convenient, secure, and affordable.

Welcome to Easy Airport Parking!

We run our business as we would want to be treated-with exceptional customer service, abundant conveniences, and affordable rates! Our customers appreciate and value Easy Airport Parking for going above and beyond to make their trip preparation relaxed and reliable! It all comes down to exceptional customer service!

What does exceptional customer service look like?

    • For your convenience, Easy Airport Parking is located less than two minutes from Bellingham Airport so you can relax while knowing that once you park your car you are literally minutes from your plane!
    • We track your return flight information so we know when to pick you up without having to notify us and then we can take you to your vehicle – whether your flight is early or delayed
    • Easy Airport Parking is now open 365 days a year so you know that whenever you book your trip, you have a safe, secure and reliable place to park your car – day or night!
    • We watch all cars for low air and try to fill your car’s low tires with enough air to get you to the nearest gas station
    • We’ll jump-start your dead battery for you
  • As part of our commitment to you toward exceptional parking security, we’ll monitor your car for open windows

PRICED FOR AFFORDABILITY: Like us, you appreciate airport parking affordability! So we have reduced our already low Easy Airport Parking rate down to just $8.00 per day! If you drive an RV, motorhome, or trailer, you pay just $15.00 a day or $150.00 a month. Those of you who drive cars or trucks enjoy the same affordable monthly rate of just $150.00!

Easy Airport Parking Makes Parking Easy!

We believe Easy Airport Parking stands out from the competition because we approach our business from a traveler’s state of mind. Everything we do is designed to make your traveling experience relaxing, convenient, and affordable when it comes to airport parking. After all, parking your car should be the least of your worries when you take a trip.

Just as our name implies, Easy Airport Parking makes getting there easy!